Dan Goeman is uniquely qualified to handle your family law matters and has extensive experience handling adoptions, pre- and post-nuptial agreements and divorce, including alimony issues, child custody and support. Dan can also assist you in structuring complex settlements, obtaining business and professional valuations, and representing your interests in intense negotiations, mediations and artibtration proceedings or, if necessary, at trial.

Dan Goeman knows that family law issues such as divorce and child custody are some of the most traumatic and emotional times. While Dan Goeman is very experienced and professional, he also posseses a deep understanding of the personal difficulties and pressures his clients feel during such proceedings. Dan Goeman works with you and with one another to successfully resolve your family law matter. You can rest assured that you will be kept constantly and promptly informed on all developments in your case and that you will be principally involved in the decision making and strategy.

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